Working Together

A lot of my time is spent on research and planning. This enables me to create hand-crafted web apps that separate them from templated ones. Each web app I create is mobile responsive, fast, unique, beautiful and provides custom functionalities with the latest tools on the web.

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How we will work together

Getting to know your business


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Getting to know your business

We have a free consultation meeting where I can learn more about yourself, project and your business, audience, goals and aspirations. I will note down any technical requirements we discuss. I will then send you a project timeline and cost estimate by the next working day.



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After agreeing the requirements, timelines and budget for the project, I will start researching your competitors, target audience and the feel of the design we need. I will gather resources and inspiration that will be the basis of the initial designs. This ensures that the final design makes your business stand out.

UX UI Wire Framing Mobile


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UX / UI Wireframing

We start planning the user journeys and workflows on your site. I will structure your content, plan a site map and the user interface. This will be a chance for us to finalise the copy and the skeleton of the site.

Interface Design Branding Mobile


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Interface Design & Branding

This is where the bulk of the design work happens. I will create the branding and the design system (colours, typography, layout) needed for a beautiful site. I will work collaboratively with you in Figma to improve the design until the it is finalised and ready to be built.

Getting to know your business


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Development & Testing

Once you approve the designs, I will start coding them alongside all the custom functionalities. I will build and connect a content management system to the website, setup domains, emails, analytics and SEO. We will test everything to ensure the site is working as stated in the project requirements.

Handover and Training Mobile


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Handover & Training

Time to launch your site! We will have a zoom call where I will show you how to edit text, images and add blog posts. I will also show you how to operate all the custom functionalities requested. For analytics, I will show you how to use the data we collect to maximise your revenue. Finally, We throw a launch party to celebrate!

Need Something Different?

Shoot me a message and let’s get started on implementing your ideas now.

Ali Parandeh is Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud certified web developer, designer and data scientist specialising in building hand-made websites and landing pages with custom integrations & functionality.

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