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Hi, my name is Ali.

I’m a full-stack software engineer specialised in building web applications and e-commerce platforms with customised functionality

Ali Parandeh

What I do

Web Design Services

UX/UI Design

Need help with designing your website? I can help create a beautiful data-driven design based on your content or re-design old websites with the latest web standards so that you can improve SEO, conversions, and achieve your business goals.

Web Design & Development Services

Website Development

Thinking of creating a website with custom features for your business? I can code a website that satisfies your business requirements with the latest web frameworks and any integrations you need to start taking orders online.

Shopify Design & Development Services

Shopify Design & Setup

Are you a Shopify store owner or thinking of setting up your e-commerce platform? I can create your own custom themes with custom features on Shopify and provide integrations to make your store standout from the rest.

Automation Services

Tools Automation

Are you tired of serving each customer yourself, manual repetitive tasks and maintenance work on your website? I can custom code automations so that you can serve your customers 24/7, freeing up time to yourself whilst making money online even when you are asleep or on an extended holiday.

Integration Services

Custom Integrations

Using different tools to manage your online business? I can integrate your website with all your tools (CRMs, databases, marketing tools, payment processing solutions etc.) so that you have full control & visibility on all your business operations the way you want it.

Analytics Services

Advanced Analytics

Do you want to predict sales, identify new revenue streams and market segments or understand how to improve lead conversions? I can use data science and machine learning to provide analytics based on your data to supercharge your online business.

Technologies I Work With

I can build websites with a variety of modern web development tools so you have several options to choose from that suits your business.

Want something custom coded for best performance and design freedom? No problem. Already have a wordpress content management system that you work with? Consider it done. Looking for something on Shopify? I can build your store from there by accessing the underlying code.

If you have no preference, I will pick the best selection that delivers your project to the highest standards. This also gives me freedom to implement standout designs and build any custom functionalities.

Not sure which technology suits your project requirements? I can help you make a choice on that as well. Get in touch and I can provide a FREE technical consultation on what best works for you.

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Featured Works

  • Electro Parak Paya

    UX / UI Design, Website Development, Advanced Analytics, Tools Automations

    This was a website I designed and developed from scratch using Adobe Illustrator and developed in Wordpress for a manufacturing business in Iran.

    The aim was to have a vibrant yet professional vibe. E.P.P wanted a catalogue page that can be filtered by type and a product page that suggests similar products. In addition, I setup automations and advanced analytics on top to help EPP increase sales.

    Visit electroparakpaya.com

    Electro Parak Paya Project
    Electro Parak Paya Project Card
    Electro Parak Paya Products Page
    Electro Parak Paya Product Page
  • Danielle Haden

    UX / UI Design, Website Development, Custom Integrations

    After UX UI design, I used React, Prismic and tailwindcss to build several landing pages for Danielle Haden - a hard working entrepreneur specialised in helping artists and dancers jump-starting their business and getting new brand deals.

    Danielle wanted her landing pages to have a mystical, elegant and luxurious feel to them for her clients. She also wanted to integrate all of the pages with facebook pixel to track traffic and leads.

    Visit daniellehaden.com or daniellehaden.co.uk

    Danielle Haden Landing Pages Project
    Dannielle Haden Kajabi Page
    Dannielle Haden Main Landing Page
    Dannielle Haden Music Page
  • Arben Giga

    UX / UI Design, Website Development, Custom Integrations

    I provided UX / UI design services for Arben Giga who wanted to develop a landing page for his dancing membership programmes. He wanted to take payments via Stripe directly from his landing page. I developed the page in Wordpress and integrated it directly with Stripe so that he can take payments without sending traffic away from his website.

    Arben wanted her landing pages to have a vibrant, happy and young feel to them for his clients.

    Visit arbengiga.com

    Arben Giga Landing Page Project
    Arben Giga Landing Page
  • Break Into AI (BML Machine Learning Group)

    UX / UI Design, Website Development, Tools Automation

    BML Machine Learning group wanted to have a learning management system on Wordpress to publish their courses and manage students. The LMS system required a full suite of assessment tools and management functionality for enrollments. .

    I built the landing pages and functionalities needed for BML as stated in project requirements and connected a wordpress based CRM system to manage students. As part of this, I provided user signup, authorisation and authentication features.

    Visit beginnersmachinelearning.com

    Beginners Machine Learning Project
    Beginners Machine Learning Course Overview Page
    Beginners Machine Learning Lesson Page
    Beginners Machine Learning Quiz Page

Choose your package

I have the following bundled services to help you get started as fast as possible. However, you can still pick and choose the services that you need the most. I can then provide a custom quote.

Ali Parandeh Starter Package

Starter Package

  • FREE Technology Consultation
  • tick
  • Landing Page Design & Development
  • tick
  • Branding & Design System Support
  • tick
  • Emails & Domain Setup
  • tick
  • Theme Customisations
  • tick
  • Payment & Paywall Integrations

Most Popular

Ali Parandeh Starter Package

Essential Package

  • Everything in Starter Package Plus:
  • tick
  • Full Website Design & Development
  • tick
  • Membership Platform Development
  • tick
  • UX/UI Design
  • tick
  • Custom Theme Development
  • tick
  • Content: Image Retouching
  • tick
  • Content: Video Editing
  • tick
  • Content: Copy Support
Ali Parandeh Starter Package

Advanced Package

  • Everything in Essential Package Plus:
  • tick
  • Analytics Dashboarding
  • tick
  • Custom API Integrations
  • tick
  • Website API Development
  • tick
  • Data Pipelining
  • tick
  • Chatbot Integration
  • tick
  • Data Science Support
  • tick
  • Database Setup & Maintenance
  • tick
  • Natural Language Processing
  • tick
  • Predictive Analytics (Machine Learning)

Need Something Different?

Shoot me a message and let’s get started on implementing your ideas now.

Have any questions?

How did you start providing web development services?

There is nothing I love more than building, creating and learning technical skills. Over the past 15 years (since I was 12), I have been experimenting and learning graphic design, web development, data science, video editing and writing. In all of them I have worked to reach a professional capacity (getting paid to do them).

While others decide to dedicate themselves to one craft and become expert in one, I decided to cast my net wider and become advanced in some. What I can do is to package these service into solutions for you to help you go digital. To build and grow your business to the next level.

With me you don’t have to hire a creative design, development, data science and writing team to get started. I can get you started and going right away. Just jump on a call with me and I'll show you how.

Which package or service is right for me?

If you are just starting out, it's best to go with the starter package. Build a few landing pages or a one pager website, some branding / content created and have basic digital infrastructure setup (domains, emails etc.). Once you’ve progressed enough with your business we can always add more to your digital assets later on.

About Me

Ali Parandeh at Conference Speaking

I’m a certified Data Scientist by Microsoft, web developer and a chartered systems engineer. Before becoming a freelancer, I led engineering teams at large multi-national consultancies and at tech startups in London.

During my free time, I teach data science, graphic design and web development at meetups and online. In 2019 I founded my own Microsoft sponsored meetup group in London to deliver workshops on AI and machine learning cloud tools to professionals who want to break into the field. It’s now grown to 1000+ members and sponsored by Microsoft.

I love building tech, startups and businesses so I want to use my skills to help entrepreneurs and family-owned small business owners like yourself to build an online successful business. One that supports your family and the customers you care about, one that keeps on giving even when you are asleep.

Send me a message and let me know what you have in mind. I can provide guidelines on how you can get started (even if I don’t end up building it for you).

Apart from tech, I also enjoy writing, playing tha piano, DJing and fitness.

Certified With

Association for Project Management
Engineering Council
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform

Just Say hi

I am always available to discuss your project, provide technical guidance and improve your online presence. If you are facing any design, development or data challenges, do drop me a line.

Email me at

ali [@] aparandeh.com


Ali Parandeh is Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud certified web developer, designer and data scientist specialising in building hand-made websites and landing pages with custom integrations & functionality.

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